A meal worth sharing

This was delightful:

. Summer salad of watercress & roasted beets served over a bed of creamy chevre with a light vinaigrette

. Tuna carpaccio with shaved fennel, olive tapenade & chervil

. Pan-seared red snapper served with fresh fava beans

. Roasted game hen stuffed with duck sausage, served on a bed of roasted carrots, onions, & porcini mushrooms, garnished with shaved black summer truffle.

. Grand Marnier souffle prepared a la perfection: delicate & creamy, rich & piping hot.

I owe this one to Minetta Tavern, and to my dad, who makes every meal shared with him a more enjoyable one!  I wish he could visit every weekend (although not sure if I could eat like this that often … OK yes I could, twist my arm).


3 responses to “A meal worth sharing

  1. mmm summer souffles! asha and i got a passionfruit souffle with pink peppercorn creme anglaise at the oliveto cafe the other evening. divine! also had their heirloom polenta with taleggio and smoked mozzarella di bufula that (we think?) they smoke in-house. probably the best smoked cheese i’ve ever had, but that’s not saying much…:)

  2. whoops, smoked mozz wasn’t IN polenta. separate course of course.

    • That souffle sounds phenom! I am slowly starting to appreciate some smoked cheeses… but still very picky and sensitive to that smoky flavor. I think what’s turning me around is the smokey Salvatore ricotta, which you have got. to. try. when you come visit NY next. Which is soon, I hope 🙂

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