Personal Shoppery

A nice thing about renting a furnished apartment: not having to buy furniture, obviously.  This was super-convenient and made it easy to start settling into the house right away upon bringing my suitcases up and my boxes out of the storage unit.  It also made the move a fraction of the potential cost, since buying an apartment-ful of furniture is expensive.  Again, obviously!  These benefits are so obvious that I overlooked a couple of obvious facts: that I like shopping and that furniture is fun to pick out.  Dang.

Today I spent the afternoon strolling between various antique-y shops and the Red Hook Ikea, in search of a dresser-y item to house the contents of my remaining two suitcases and few boxes.  The new apartment, while fantastic in so many respects, has but one closet in the whole of it – and not in my room.

I settled on an impressive piece that might date back to the 60s: a solid oak chifferobe with 5 spacious drawers on the left and a mini-wardrobe hanging rack on the right with a small shelf underneath.  This was after much debate between dressers large and small, chifferobes grand and grandiose, not to mention the many other beautiful and not-so-great pieces I stumbled upon inbetween.  My conclusion?  Ikea is for suckers, and I wouldn’t mind buying furniture as a full-time job.

So, any takers?  Need something furnished?  I’ll work for $50 a day plus a $50 commission on each piece.  Plus you let me come look at it once in a while once it’s in your gorgeously furnished home.  I imagine that personal shoppers charge much more than that, but can they also pick out an assortment of the best domestic cheese you’ve ever eaten in your life?  CAN THEY??  That’s what I thought.

All I need now is that cow-hide from Ikea.


One response to “Personal Shoppery

  1. I’m with you. I plan on doing a lot of antiquing in Indonesia. And I’ve also become obsessed with and the bravo reality show 9 by design. So, dairy pig farm with a refurbished furniture workshop. I’m in!

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